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WikiTree's Free-Space Profiles are free wiki pages for describing family heirlooms (e.g. Edward Whitten's model ships), special pets, homes and buildings (e.g. The Old Brick Store), or anything else that's significant to you or your family.

Teachers and Students: Please note that this is Wiki Space not Wiki Spaces. This site is part of WikiTree. The wiki space here is primarily intended for family history and historical information. It is perfect for teachers and students who are doing history, biography, and family tree projects. If you are looking for the other Wiki Spaces site, click here:

The Encyclopedia of You

Wiki Space pages can be connected to personal profiles and family pages on WikiTree. Use it to create an Encyclopedia of You.

All pages have a wiki description area, memories or personal statements, photos, and a bulletin board for discussing how to grow the page with other people you trust to view and edit it.

Creating Wiki Space Pages

Creating a wiki space page is fast, easy, and complete free. You control who can view the page and who can edit it.

If you haven't already, you need to login to WikiTree first. Use your own name or "X", do not use an organization or group name. Again, this is not for schools and classrooms unless you are doing a family history project.

Wiki Space Warning

Linking to Wiki Space Pages

Linking to a Wiki Space page from any other website or WikiTree page is a snap.

Add text like this to a page: "Here is a [[Space:Sample WikiSpace Page|sample page]] to test."

Here's exactly what happens in this example:

  1. The double brackets create the link.
  2. The title of the Wiki Space page comes first, prefixed with "Space:". This should be the title you gave the page when you created it. If you're unsure of a title check your Watchlist.
  3. Next inside the brackets comes a "|" pipe.
  4. Finally, add the link name as you want it displayed, e.g. "|sample page".